Exchange Holiday Homes

Exchange Holiday Homes was started in 2006. From 2009 we changed to a simple credit based exchange system exclusively for second home owners. There's no need to make direct swaps or find an exchange partner with our system, all credits earned are banked and can be used for as long as you are a member of EHH.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and are happy to help our members find their holidays. We don't charge extra for this service, we get to know our members, so we often are able to help and make suggestions that may work for you.

We can be reached by phone or email, and we are happy to explain how our system works or answer any questions , just get in contact.

Exchange Holiday Homes is a subsidiary of 'The Getaway Company' , which owns Late Getaway and My Holiday Getaway
and is based near St Neot, on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England

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What some of our Members say about EHH. . .

"Thanks, what fantastic service. It's a lovely website and such a good idea, we're hoping never to have to pay for holiday accommodation again!" RH

"What a brilliant idea this is!" CM

"Just to say many thanks for your help in arranging a last minute break for us. A wonderful holiday – again! Wish we had known about the company earlier." MS

"Thanks very much, you've been great. What a great way to book a holiday. We will definitely do it again, and I will add spare weeks later in the year, I'm already thinking about next year!!! " CF

"Having returned from a lovely holiday, can thoroughly recommend the exchange scheme!" JL

"Debbie, Thanks again for this remarkable prompt service, I really don't think I've had such service from any organisation I've dealt with in recent years" MN.

"Thank you so much for all your hard work in finding us awkward people somewhere to stay." SP

"Thanks for all the help you and Michelle have given us over the last few weeks" PH

"This was our first exchange and we were delighted with the whole process. It really does work, and we look forward to welcoming guests in return." BL

"Turning out to be an exciting year of travel for us thanks to exchange holiday homes!" MP

"Wow, that was easy! Looking forward to our holiday!"

"Just back from Rome, and although I`ve already completed my feedback, I just wanted to thank you, and EHH once more for helping to arrange this accommodation for me. To have virtually free accommodation in Rome in the middle of the summer season was just amazing, and a perfect example of how fab EHH is!! " JM

"Great stuff! Thanks for all of your help." PG

"We both appreciate the efficient service that your company have given us.  It was an absolute pleasure booking our last 'getaway' with you." LG

"Fantastic website & great opportunities await! We're looking forward to our swap next week near Harrogate." MW

"Another successful and enjoyable stay through your excellent service! Thank you for your efficient and helpful service which we have again much appreciated" MN

"Its a great scheme and idea and we are certainly benefitting from it over here in Spain." CT

" Thank you for continued good service." JF

"Many thanks for providing a lovely exchange!" PG

"This whole experience has been a real pleasure. Thank you very much for the exchange" SM

"Thank you so much for arranging our exchanges for us. We had a truly wonderful holiday. The cottages you recommended were excellent." SB

"Just wanted to say that this first booking went off flawlessly" CC

"Thank you so much for getting these for me. I find the service great and that you go beyond normal expectations" SD

"Just done my feedback for the cottage. Thought we had rather too much on our wish list for such short notice, but no - it was perfect. Thank you for finding it for us." BR

" I am impressed with your company and you deserve to succeed. " PC

"Thank you for all your help. Your customer service is exemplary! " MN

"We were more than happy with the service provided by Exchange Holiday Home. I think the whole concept is a great idea. We enjoyed the Safari, Robberg walk, the beach, This was just fantastic!! Thanks for organising the accommodation for our wonderful break. " BC

"You have done a fantastic job for us, I really appreciate the time you have put in Debbie " AB

"Thank you for a very smooth exchange of holiday cottages, we had a lovely week in St Just. Just what the doctor ordered!!!. " SD

"Thanks for a great time in Majorca. The apartment was perfect and as described and thank you for your clever & logical holiday exchange that as you know I was nervous of originally,  but now I am free to explore the world!!! " NS

"Your help and excellent service have been appreciated, thank you!" SD

"I look forward to contacting the owners, and BIG thank you for the very personal and attentive service that you run." BH

"I'd just like to pass on my positive feedback about your whole service, it's an outstanding idea delivered in a really professional way. May you continue to grow and grow!" EP

"Your service and help is an excellent advertisement in its self, so I will be back to pester you again in the future. Many thanks again. You have been brilliant!" SC

"Thanks Debbie for your amazingly quick, friendly and efficient service" JM

"Just a belated, but heart felt thank you for pulling out all the stops last weekend to secure my little Welsh `escape` for the weekend!" JM

"Thank you again for your great work and help. " CR

"Thank you Michelle, especially for your extra help. I'm sure we'll enjoy our second EHH holiday." PG

"This is our second booking this year, and it's only March!  We are delighted with Exchange Holiday Homes, it is a brilliant idea!" NK

"The family is very excited about the trip.Thank you for all your help in helping get this all organized." AB

"Thanks again for the excellent service you always manage to provide." MN

"As a new member, I am impressed with your site and service and I think it is a great idea - only sorry I didn't know about it sooner." CD

"Many thanks for this, I've just spoken to the owner and we both agreed how easy it was to use EHH and what a great service!" SW

"Thank you again Michelle for your great work and help!" CR

"Thank you so much, we're amazed to and very delighted as you can imagine. We have already told 2 others with holiday homes about you and we'll definitely spread the word through the tourism groups we're involved in." ML

"Thanks for all your efforts. Very much appreciated!" JL

"Thank you so much for all your help and attention - brilliant and will definitely recommend you to my friends who have holiday homes." CD

"Can I just say that I booked my first swap last week with Matt's help and I was absolutely delighted at how easy it all was.  I really appreciated the fact Matt phoned me rather than just emailed and on his suggestion I phoned the place we are going to just to touch base.  The owner only joined your site a month ago and we will be her first swap but she was really pleased with EHH.   We both said it was a very good suggestion of Matt's for us to speak to one another and reassure each other we're "normal" second home owners!  Email is great but nothing beats that personal touch. So many thanks for a great service." SW

"Thanks yes certainly will, things have been prompt and easy so far.  Thanks for all your help." TN

"Thanks again for your prompt, efficient and helpful service. " PL

"I've found the experience relaxing ... nothing much for me to do; it was left in your capable hands." BS

"Thank you to Lisa & the EHH team - our third wonderful swap" SPE

"This was our first exchange & we were wondering whether the scheme exchange would work & whether the accommodation would be of a high standard. The accommodation was absolutely perfect for us. There were no negatives with it whatsoever. We will be using this service many many times in the next few years & would encourage anyone with a holiday home to join this scheme. 5 STAR ACCOMODATION  and  5 STAR EXCHANGE SCHEME." RB

"I would absolutely recommend the apartment as a good exchange - The administrators of the exchange also made the whole process painless. many thanks for that!" JS

"Please keep up your excellent work in providing us all with wonderful holidays!" CR

"Thank you for organising our swap, the service you and your colleagues offer is excellent and you were all so helpful and made everything very easy." SC

"Thank you . Great service!" JC

"Thank you for your clever & logical holiday exchange, that as you know I was nervous of originally but now I am free to explore the world!!!" NS

"Thanks for looking after us Debbie" SR

" Counting down the days already. You were a great help, thanks again!" SD

"Really appreciate your looking for us. It is so good to have real people at the end of the phone, and so helpful." BR

"Thank you for your quick response, I am impresses that there is a personal touch" LA

"Matt, You are an absolute star! Thanks for all your hard work and help." AS

"Many thanks Michelle and Debbie for all your help" AD

"Thanks for organising everything so quickly too - brilliant!" NT

"Thank you for organising our swap, the service you and your colleagues offer is excellent and you were all so helpful and made everything very easy." SG

"Thanks again to you and Michelle for all the hard work! " AT

"Once again we are positively bowled over by the speed & efficiency of your service. It really is a delight doing business with you! MN

"We have arrived in Plettenburg and feel we are in heaven! The weather is good, the house is absolutely amazing and we have been walking on the beach tonight, had a drink at The Plettenberg and come home for supper. We will wake up tomorrow in paradise!" JW

"Brilliant, Michelle! Oh, and just wanted to say: THANK YOU! For all your searching these last couple of months to find these two properties for us in the most difficult weeks of the year for availability! DS

"I can only congratulate you and Michelle once more for your terrifically efficient and helpful service." FS

All comments above are taken from received emails only which can be verified .

All comments below are taken from posts on FACEBOOK

"We have been exchanging with EHH 2 times now with the 3rd exchange coming up this year. All the properties we have stayed at have been gorgeous and have reflected our own standards with our own villa on the Black Sea Coast. Highly recommended." NW
"Brilliant concept. We have had members stay in our villa in Spain twice now and spent some of our credits staying in a EHH member's lovely Tuscan hill top house. Whether earning the credits or spending them, this is an easy, inexpensive and trouble free way to enjoy holidays. " MD
We have lost count of the number of EHH holidays taken and all have been great! Its usually in Florida Feb/March and hats off to Debbie and Michelle for finding places -we often buy a late availability!" BQ
"Thanks to Michelle and Debbie for helping me arrange another great exchange, in France .... can't wait " MD
"Just booked another swap, brilliant!" NT
"I just love EHH " MB
" Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help sorting out our honeymoon weeks! It's really appreciated and we can't wait to go! xxx" NCT
"We've belonged to EHH for about a year now and it's working very well for us. Last summer a family stayed in our holiday home, and we stayed at a lovely place in Suffolk, in our own turn. Now the family from there are staying at ours in August, and we have another family coming too - so it's quite a merry-go-round! Hoping to introduce a nice couple who have just stayed at our holiday home to EHH, as they have a holiday home in Cornwall.....and so it goes on!" JRB
"Great way of exchanging properties. Very efficient and friendly to deal with" PL
"Excellent website and well worth joining if you own a holiday home" PC.
"We joined a few years ago and have great exchanges- mainly Florida can recommend.Can`t wait for the next one in a few weeks time!" BQ
" I highly recommend this company. Very efficient and as a result you can have some very cheap holidays." PC
"Well run and efficient. Limited cost and many options for exchange throughout the world. Long may it continue and grow." MD
"I highly recommend this company. Very efficient and as a result you can have some very cheap holidays." PC
"I just want to say a big thank you to Lucy and Michelle for all their help finding us somewhere to stay this week, we have been a total pain chopping and changing our dates but they were really helpful and we have booked a dream property, great service!" SM
"A very useful company for holiday home owners; always helpful and speedy in their responses." JI



























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