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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the fees and will there be any further costs?
  2. How do I make an exchange?
  3. How many swaps am I allowed to have in one year?
  4. What if there are no dates showing against a property I am interested in?
  5. Do I have access my listing?
  6. Do I have to add a week as soon as I join?
  7. Can I remove dates once I have added them?
  8. What happens to the credits showing if the dates I have added are not selected?
  9. Why are there extra credits available for purchase?
  10. Why are there weeks with discounted credits?
  11. Can I bank 'short notice' weeks?
  12. What service does EHH offer?
  13. Who can use my credits?
  14. Will anyone be interested in my Holiday Home?
  15. I would prefer not to pay by credit/card on the internet, do you have any other means of payment?
  16. I don't own a Holiday Home, but would like to swap my own home is this possible with EHH?
  17. What type of Holiday Home is acceptable?
  18. I still have more questions, what should I do?


What are the fees and will there be any further costs?
It is free to join our Holiday Home Exchange Club. There is an exchange fee of £120 per week (less for short breaks, see our 'Join Now' page for more pricing details) for any holidays you take. This fee is only payable by the holiday maker once the holiday has been confirmed and booked. There are no charges for the host member.

All our members are holiday home owners, so to be absolutely fair,  all cleaning costs, linen, meet & greet, basic electricity and heating are included in the exchange, as these costs will be met by all exchangers. However, there are some exceptions such as electricity by coin meter (for obvious reasons) towels, logs, and in some cases linen (for example if the property is not normally rented out and linen is not usually available).

How do I make an exchange?
Log into EHH , and take a look at our listings. If there are any properties that interest you but no dates are showing
, email us with the ID Ref Nos, number of guests and dates that you are interested in. We will contact that member to see if they would consider adding any suitable dates for you. There is no obligation on any part, until it has been all agreed and confirmed.

If there is a suitable property showing your required dates, then click on the button “Reserve”. Fill in the form and submit. We will contact the owner to  make sure that the dates are still available for you.  Once confirmation has been received we will let you know and should you wish to proceed, we will then send you an email with a link to pay the exchange fee.   Once payment has been made, you and the owner will receive  the booking form with each others details.  Then, all you need to do is get in contact with the owner to make the necessary arrangements.

If you want help with finding a holiday, then we are happy to help. Just let us know where you want to go, how many guests and the dates you want and we will look and see what we can find for you. We will let you know the possible options and you can decide if any are suitable.

You can take up to 2 exchanges immediately you join. .

If you need to know more information about a particular property, please email us and we will ask for the information you require.

How many swaps am I allowed to have in one year?
There is no limit, subject to having the necessary credits!
No more than 2 exchanges can be taken before any of your own added dates have been selected. In our 'Late Offer's section , you can purchase credits for the dates showing there (within the next 6 weeks) without using your cred its, so you can take as many of these holidays as you wish.

You cannot go into 'negative' credits, so if you book a week before your own weeks have been selected , you must have enough
weeks added to cover those credits until your own dates are taken by another member to cancel out the credits used.

We recommend adding as many
dates as you can spare (remember you can take them back should you need to at any time) to give a good choice, as this is likely to increase the chance of a member selecting them.

What if there are no dates showing against a property that I am interested in?
Many members are unsure about what dates to add and prefer to be asked about a particular week, or they have just joined and have not decided what weeks to offer yet.

All you need to do is email us with the ID Ref, the number in your party and any dates that you may be interested in. We will contact that member/s and see if he will consider adding dates for you. We have agreed many swaps this way and we are happy to help arrange your holiday.

Do I have access to my listing?
Yes, use your email address and the password you gave when you registered to log in via the EHH Home Page.  There you can change the photos and add dates.  If you want any text changed or dates removed, just email us and we will make requested changes immediately.

Do I have to add a week as soon as I join?
No, you can join and be a full member without adding dates. You can add dates in your member's area at any time and up to 1 year in advance.  However, you do need to add dates to cover the credits needed for any holiday you may select. All credits last for three years.

If a date you add is selected, it is always checked first with you, to make sure it is still available. Dates showing on EHH website are only 'dates for request', they are not confirmed until we contact the owner and they have confirmed.

Any credits used for your own holiday, have to be earned ' back. This is done  by members selecting your  dates, so it is necessary to add dates to cover credits used until this has occurred.

Can I remove dates, once I have added them?
If for any reason you want a week back, maybe because you have rented it out, we can remove that week from our list.

You must not go into negative credits however if you owe credits. If, by removing dates this happens, you must replace them with more dates (of your choice)    

What happens to the credits showing if the dates I have added are not selected ?
When you add dates, the credits showing are the 'potential' credits you could earn if someone selects all your dates. They are not the actual (confirmed) credits you have earned. So if a week or short break is not selected then the credits will disappear from your total. If a date is selected and agreed then they will remain in your total for the next 3 years until you use them.

However, you can take up to 2 swaps before any of your dates are selected. If you do take a holiday before your weeks are selected you must always leave on enough dates to cover the credits until such time another member selects them and the credits owed are cleared.

Why are there extra credits available for purchase?
So that members can top up their own credits by lots of 7, to enable them to select a property with a higher number of credits than they currently hold.  Max of 21 (£59 per 7 credits) credits per banked week applies (except for the Late Offers section)


Why are there weeks available with discounted credits?

These are the weeks have not been used by EHH members that are less than 6 weeks away. This is specifically to encourage selection of  weeks that have been added to our list and not taken up. It does not apply to any dates that are requested (thereby not on the lists) by any member and that fall into the next 6 weeks.

Rather than losing the credits for these unused weeks, once they are within the next 6 weeks they are offered to all EHH members, and their friends & family at a discounted credit rate, although you (the owner)  will receive the full credit entitlement if they are selected &  booked. 

Credits can also be bought for these late weeks (from £199) That way, there's no need to bank a week or use the credits that you have. If you purchase credits to the total value of the week, then there's no exchange fee either. Short breaks are not included in this section.

Late availability weeks. Click on the 'Late Offers' button in the left hand column once you have logged in, to find out more details


Note: If your week is booked, you will receive the Full Credit Value of that week although it is offered at a discounted credit rate. There is no limit to how many weeks can be selected in the Late Offers if purchased outright.  

Can I bank short notice weeks?
If you wish to that is fine, they will go into our late availability section, see above.  There are always members looking for late offers, so you may have your week selected. You will receive the full (not discounted) credit entitlement for any late weeks .

What service does EHH offer?
We pride ourselves in our service. It is important to us that our members are happy and enjoying many successful exchanges. We are happy to help with the process of finding and arranging their holiday.
We don't charge extra for this service and we can be contacted with any questions you may have about this.

Who can use my credits?
You, and
your family or friends can with your permission via your membership.  However you, as the member,  are responsible for their conduct.

Will anyone be interested in my holiday home?
Of course, everyone has different needs and wants for their holiday. 
They may only need a small place for two, even though they have a big villa for 10.  An apartment or flat in a city may be just what they are looking for, even though they have a cottage in the country.

What happens if I cancel my  holiday after I have paid for it?
You will lose the exchange fee, and the credits you have used. The owner of the property does not lose the credits that have been allocated to them.

I would prefer not to pay by credit card on the internet; do you offer other means of payment?
Certainly, you can pay by bank transfer (contact us for details), but all payments must be in GB pounds. If you cannot pay in GB pounds, then we will accept US Dollars or Euros, but £5 (or equivalent) must be added to the payment to allow for the bank exchange fee. Please email us and will give you the necessary information to complete a swap in this way.

I still have more questions, what should I do?
Contact us, we are happy to answer any queries that you may have and help you find your holiday.

What type of Holiday Home is acceptable?
All members must own second homes. Fractional Ownership properties may be acceptable as long as the owner has at least 25% ownership of the property, but email us to discuss.

Time Share properties are not acceptable for membership of EHH due to lack if flexibility with dates. Owners of time share resorts should contact us to discuss.

I don't own a holiday home but I would like to swap my own home, is this possible with EHH?
No, not with us, all EHH members own holiday accommodation. lf it is Primary Home Swaps you are interested in, go to the section for 'Home to Home swaps', in our Free Forum, you can add your details there and ask advice from other forum members.

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